About us

Long Range Returns (LRR) enables their business clients to outsource the administration of their employees so they can focus on improving performance and growing their “bottom line.” At Long Range Returns, our team of certified human resource (HR) professionals provides support in all of the administrative and HR-related components of employee management. We deliver these services by establishing and maintaining employer relationships with employees at our client’s worksite, and by contractually assuming certain employer rights, responsibilities, and risk, thereby reducing liability to the client. Long Range Returns also provides enhanced access to employee benefits including major and supplemental healthcare choices.

Our clients range from small-to medium-sized businesses that rely on us to handle every day matters that arise in the course of being an employer, including challenging employment situations. As business partners with a commitment to diligent service, Long Range Returns helps businesses save time and money by providing expert advice through comprehensive human resource management solutions.

Long Range Returns can help you manage the growing burden of employment law and regulations. Our experienced professionals look forward to discussing your unique business needs and assisting you with any questions you may have. Please contact us by email at: employment@longrangereturns.com.

Our Services

With an underlying commitment to diligent service, Long Range Returns provides fully integrated human resource services to its clients including:


Our payroll administration service frees employers from the meticulous and time-consuming efforts associated with payroll, allowing internal resources to focus on core business objectives.

HR Consulting

Our consultants partner with companies to help them achieve lasting HR transformation from a comprehensive suite of powerful

Employee Development

Our competency-based leadership assessment and development programs help attract, identify, develop, and coach high-potential talent, from entry-level supervisors to boardroom executives.

Benefits Administration

As a provider of full-scope benefits administration services, we apply our expertise to reduce your risk through improved regulatory compliance, and to help your employees ensure their future financial security.

Talent Acquisition

Our innovative recruitment technologies and processes quickly and effectively deliver engaged, performance-ready employees that are fully-equipped to drive better business results.

Human Capital

Our Human Capital services leverage business-driven, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute critical programs from business driven HR to innovative talent, leadership, and change programs.

Easy Time & Attendance Management

Our online system allows you to manage your organization's time and attendance more effectively and efficiently.

Employee Handbook

To ensure your employee handbook reflects the local laws and practices of your organization, we conduct a thorough interview and then skillfully tailor content to align with your company’s organizational practices. The final product is delivered electronically–ready to be printed or posted to your company’s employee self-service area.


We can help you navigate the continually changing landscape of human resources compliance and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


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